In today’s video I will be discussing performance in Escape from Tarkov and how you will be able to get the most FPS out of your game, this video should hopefully improve fps dramatically and help reduce your stutters. I will be going over both EFT Graphics settings and a bunch of graphics card and windows 10 optimizations which will not only improve your Tarkov experience but your PC experience as a whole!

EFT System Requirements:





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Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K Processor
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengence LPX
Graphics card: Asus GTX 1080 Strix
Storage: 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD + 2TB Western Digital Black
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard
Monitor: Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG


Made by SmooothBrain

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  1. Timestamps:
    1) PC Hardware Specs – 0:30
    2) In Game Settings – 2:21
    3) BSG Launcher Settings – 3:42
    4) GPU Optimization – 4:19
    5) Executable Properties – 6:59
    6) Win10 Game Mode – 7:58
    7) App Priority – 8:32
    8) Hardware Acceleration – 9:11
    9) Computer Power Mode – 10:52

  2. for me the Auto ram cleaner just makes the game super laggy, i get huge lag spike all over the place until i turn it off and reload the game.. idk what they did in this stupid last patch.. 0.12.8 but im furious 🙂

  3. i have an intel uhd 620 and an amd radeon 530 and 8 gb of ram (i will upgrade to 12) and an i7 8th gen
    they both work together, i dont want to buy the game yet until im 100% sure it will ruun at 50+ fps
    i went to the gpu benchmarks for eft and saw that my intel uhd would run at 10 fps at 1080p res (the res i have) and the radeon 530 would run at 16 fps at 1080p i did all of these things in the video excluding the launcher and in game settings because i didnt buy it yet
    my question is will eft run at 50+ fps now with all the specs + settings that i changed? and will it be stable? plz answer

  4. My main problem is loading times, most of the time I load in after my team leaving them waiting for me and most times I just get desynced and can’t see anyone. Can anyone help with this?

  5. was using around 96% of my ram while i played and was stutering to the point i couldnt play on reserve and i have 16g ram, after this i use around 40%. my friends that have this game can proly play customs now that have 8g

  6. This is the only video like this I followed and now my game runs like a picture film I uninstalled everything and that didn’t seem to work please help can’t play it at all now

  7. Turning game mode off made a massive difference for me. I have a pretty monster rig and was infuriated that friends with lesser computers were playing far better. disabling this was like taking a hit of meth for my fps

  8. I just got my pc setup,and bought EFT just now. But when I ran it, it was insanely choppy, but when i ran it on the can I run it website it said it could handle it insanely well. But I feel like the monitor I have is very outdated

  9. I’m new to this pc stuff and just recently got a prebuilt spec are
    gtx 1650 graphics
    AMD ryzen 5 2400g quad core processor
    8gb ram
    And I’m having issues running this game after doing all these settings. Any tips?

  10. Wow. Thanks @OP

    Just followed all these steps. Went from 60 to 100 FPS by following this. I also upgraded my ram from 16gb to 32gb. Not sure if that helped. But here we are. 100fps with lows in the high 70s.

  11. I have a 7700K/GTX1080/16gb of ram, and none of these tutorials work. I get about 40-50fps no matter what I do. Graphics settings do not change my fps either lol. It doesn't matter of I run the game on the lowest settings, or the highest, I get the same frame rate. Sounds broken right? That's because the game is an abomination of performance optimization. I don't even get more fps running at lower resolutions. I don't get better than 70% CPU usage, and I never get better than 50% GPU usage. This isn't a bottleneck issue, it's an optimization issue. I've got 50+ other triple A titles on my system , and they all run well. I'm getting 90+ fps with Witcher 3, I'm getting 90+ fps in Rust, I'm getting 90+ fps in Battlefield 1 and 5, I can go on forever. This is the only game I own that wont give me more than 50 frames a second.

  12. when i change the file priority to high it runs smooth hut it keeps changing back to normal everytime anyway to fix this or do i have to change it everytim i want to play?

  13. Hey question I’m really thinking about getting this game I’ve been watching you for a while and do you think that a Dell i5 Gaming Computer Pc 16GB Ram SSD WiFi Win Nvidia GT1030 Hdmi could play tarkov and if it could what settings could I run the game at?

  14. lol i have a 2070 super +i7-9700k (oc) and 16gb ram(oc to 3200) and still feels laggy tbh the game should be perfect for me even without Overclocking cpu and ram as my cpu is way above requirments. but this game still screws with it even though its cpu intensive.

  15. Hey man, really appreciate it. I just bought tarkov 3 days ago and was having a/being blast(ed) until my fps just randomly dropped to 20-30 fps.
    i tried a couple of video videos and this one fixed my issue. Getting between 90-120fps again 🙂
    For people wondering about my specs:
    i7 6700k
    Msi GTX 1070 Ti 8GB
    16GB DDR 4 RAM
    Installed on a samsung 860Qsomethingsomething ssd
    Playing on high texture setting and TA-1 with the rest disabled.

  16. Great video bud. My specs are Nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti msi, i5 with 16gb ram. Had some problems with shoreline and reserve. Shoreline is currently around 50-60 fps while reserve is 60-80. Before it was around 30. Thanks man


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